Ledge (2022)
Book 1 of The Glacian Trilogy

Chasm (2023)
Book 2 of The Glacian Trilogy

   Content warnings:

  • Gratuitous violence and death

  • Assualt

  • Attempted sexual assualt 

  • Death of a minor

  • Sex scenes

  • Adult themes

   Recommended for mature audiences.

In a place known as the Ledge, a civilization is trapped by a vast chasm and sheer mountain face. There is no way for anyone to escape the frozen wasteland without befalling a deathly drop. They know nothing of the outside world except that it is where the Glacians reside; mystical winged creatures who bring them meagre rations to survive, in exchange for a periodic human sacrifice.

Dawsyn, axe wielder and only remaining member of her family, has so far avoided the seasonal culling, but her luck has run out. She is chosen and ripped from her icy home, the only world she knows. No one knows what will happen to her on the other side, least of all Dawsyn. Consumed? Enslaved? Worse?

Thankfully, escape may be within her grasp with the help of a half-Glacian called Ryon. But who is to say that the life below will be any better than the one she has run from?

Ledge is a story of survival, sacrifice, and revenge.

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The Home for Undesirables (Release TBA) 
Stand alone fantasy realism

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